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I've lived in London for 20 years and have always enjoyed Hyde Park. I'd often spotted model yachts racing on the Round Pond, and six months ago I wandered up to one of the chaps sailing his yacht. After chatting a little, I was offered the controller to sail the boat. Just five minutes at the helm was all it took - I was hooked. This generous and welcoming approach is a mark of the Club, and I retuned the next weekend to sail a yacht at the Club's invitation. Six month down the line, I now own a beautiful 10 Rater and am enjoying the opportunity to race competitively on Sundays.

What's the attraction?'s a combination of things. The yachts themselves are racing machines, with carbon fibre hulls and fully adjustable rigging that deliver speed and acceleration on the water. I have sailed all my life and racing these yachts presents all the same challenges and refinements as full sized racing machines.  ...the LMYC is a genuinely friendly and welcoming place to spend a Sunday morning. My young son loves to come and watch and I'm sure he'll be keen to have a go when he is old enough. If like me you've seen racing on the Round Pond and wanted to have a go, do stop by for a chat. Be warned, you may well get hooked too.

Join the LMYC club in central London


  • Model sailing is a competitive sport.

  • Model sailing is a fantastic hobby

  • It fosters technical understanding and skills. 

  • Make lasting friends with a very friendly and interested crowd.

Newcomers can get started with one of the club's own '10 Rater', 'IOM', 'DF95' and 'Vintage' sailing boats.

Juniors can join the club at a reduced annual membership fee, they just "pay their age"


For more information about memberships, please email, or just turn up at the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens on a Sunday morning from 11.00 am.



London Model Yacht Club -  LMYC

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