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10 Rater

10 Rater (10R)


10 Raters are one of the most popular boats at the LMYC. The club has one of  the largest fleets in the world, some 18 yachts.

The boat is a large, development class yacht, known for its speed, leading edge sail and hull designs. The name 10 Rater refers to the formula used to determine the legality of the boats within this class. 

International One Metre (IOM)

IOM is also a  popular class at the LMYC - 19 yachts.  We race IOMs, usually on alternate Sundays.


The IOM races under the International Sailing Federation Racing Rules. It is the largest class worldwide and arguably the most competitive of all.

Vintage Yacht Models


The LMYC has a collection of vintage and classic yachts.

Given the club's history , Vintage yachts are an important part of the LMYC


The Club regularly holds vintage meetings where sailors from all over the country join to showcase and sail their beautiful yachts.



...find out more about IOMs
DF 95

DF 95 - Dragon Flite 95

DF95 is our newest class (2018) and has already gained popularity. The yachts are excellent for racing.


Their popularity is driven by the class being a small one-design (95cm),  where skippers compete purely on skill, and cost (about £250 without radio).

This is the ideal first yacht for anyone looking to join the LMYC.

London Model Yacht Club -  LMYC

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