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You MUST learn the basics of the Rules of Racing if you want to participate in Club or regional events.


Knowledge of even the basics will help prevent damage to your or, possibly more expensively, other members yachts.

To help simplify matters, adherence to the 10 guidelines below will probably keep you out of trouble in just about every situation you come across in model yacht racing.

Ten Commandments:

1. Yachts on starboard tack have right of way over those on port tack
2. Windward keeps clear of leeward
3. The inside yacht at four boat lengths from the mark is entitled to room to round the mark
4. The yacht astern keeps clear of the yacht ahead - i.e. when preparing to overtake, you must give          way
5. A yacht tacking or jibing keeps clear of one that is not
6. If you overtake to windward, you give way. If you overtake to leeward, you have right of way, BUT         ONLY AFTER the moment your bow passes the stern of the other yacht
7. If you gain right of way or change course, give the other yacht time to keep clear
8. A yacht that is backing up or not racing keeps clear
9. Avoid collisions. Racing Rules are in place to prevent accidents and collisions, NOT to help win           races
10. If you have violated a rule, take a penalty - don't wait for it to be called

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